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​As users of the avail® program, Questwell's experience with the Avail software has been astounding. Questwell started utilizing the software with a client that had a TBI who need a 1:1 job coaching the entire time he was working. After putting the software in place and making the task, Bob was able to work independently with the job coach just checking in on him. Which is advantageous for the employer due to fewer people in the vet clinic. With our agency using the Avail software, our job coaches were able to help more individuals then before because we are able to phase out at an accelerated rate and still give the support the client needs with the software.  

About avail®: 

Built by Special Education experts, this evidence-based program and it’s curriculum is empowering job coaches/teachers/support staff and their individuals to acquire skills from daily life skills, hygiene,

behavior support to PreETS and employment support acting like a virtual coach.    

avail® is an enabling technology which empowers independence in life and work for those with Autism and cognitive related disabilities. Using best practice principles, the solution equips direct support staff/job coaches and learners with precreated content and the ability to create step-by-step systematic digital prompts of any skill, activity or coping mechanism. Enabling service providers to develop and implement person centered plans, through principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Supported by remote monitoring, assessments and data management the solution is revolutionizing how we support those who would have required 1:1 support to have control, choice and opportunities through a discreet engaging support.     

avail® is reinforcing Programs such as: 

Project Search
Competitive Employment 
Schools: Transition services and functional life skills via Individual Education Plans 

Examples of goals mastered by learners:

Interview skills
Travel training
Employment duties
Coping mechanism

What to do at home to be ready and on time for work -Time Management    

Feel free to learn more information on Avail Support website here or contact us at Questwell here.