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“Unmanaged disability” in the workplace is literally costing businesses millions of dollars. Questwell® can assist you in minimizing those costs while retaining your valued workers.  We do so by helping you find solutions to issues involving employees whose job performance is impacted by illness, injury or disability. We also can assist all employees with team building, job etiquette, and social skills.                                                                    

® has on staff people to assist the employee who has a disability and people to assist the employer. Questwell® has Employment Liaisons, who are competent advisors from whom the employer can ask disability etiquette questions and Employment Liaisons can provide Disability Awareness Training to all your staff.

We have a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who has a Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation. 

We also have Job Coaches that work one to one with employees so they have enough time to learn their job without taking up all the supervisor's time. 

Our team’s goal is to assure you have, "Disability Aware" employees thru:

  • Facilitating all employee's awareness of disability struggles
  • Establishing an "everyone included company culture"  
  • Bring to light accommodations a person with a disability may need 
  • Teaching the employee who may have a disability how to go through the proper channels to communicate their disability needs to the employer.

Areas Questwell® has assisted employees in the past with employment:

  • If performance is negatively affected by a physical or mental impairment Questwell® can assist with a job modification plan and or other was of accommodation for the employee, with the goal of the employee still doing the required job tasks.
  • Social skills training and how to communicate well with coworkers and supervisors
  • Teach employee how to improve work speed
  • Teach the late employee time management skills 
  • Teach work etiquette and what is and is not appropriate to talk about at work
  • Retain a productive employee by getting to the root of the issue
  • Reduce recruiting and retraining costs by fixing the issue
  • Minimize job-related frustration by helping the employee advocate and speak up regarding what the issue is
  • Teach employee how to ask for an accommodation so they can do all their work tasks better
  • Reduce "lost days" and down time by helping the employee address the issue and not avoiding it
  • Avoid a disability lawsuit due to miss communication
  • Access technical expertise and customized accommodation options 
  • Provide seamless service delivery from job jeopardy through job stabilization  

Call Rebecca Macaruso (719) 246-1893 as soon as there is an issue so a solution can be found with the least amount of conflict.


Questwell®  provides the employer with Rapid Response,

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