• Provide Alternative Job Placement Options for a job where worker is  having difficulties 

  • Resume development; Resume customizing skills & Federal resume

  • Letters to the Employer regarding history;  Uniquely customized Cover Letters &

           Professional Letterhead 

  • Site set up for work skills evaluation

  • Situational Assessments

  • Transferable Skills Assessment

  • Trial Work Evaluations

  • Work Adjustment Training (WAT)

  • Working Vocational Evaluation

        (Pre-ETS) *Job shadowing tour *Setup Job Informational   

         Interviews * Self-advocacy training

  • Job Readiness Evaluation and Put into place a  Strategic at Work Preparedness Planning

          (for things like a panic attack at work etc.)

  • Professional Shopper for Interview and Daily Work Clothing (shoes, tools etc.)

  • ​ "Getting TO work" training program solving the transportation to work issue
  • Present professionally for Zoom meetings, interviews and other online presence

  • Tech-savvy=Independence Questwell's customized training to help individuals become more tech-savvy to build confidence and independence at home and at their workplace 


      Employment Services for

    Individuals with Disabilities

NOTE: Questwell® helps all persons who have a disability (cognitive, physical or emotional) The job seeker must be stable and capable of working at least part-time in community employment.  Questwell® will accept private pay, Colorado DVR auths, Okla DRS auths, Medicaid or a charity paying for services. Questwell ® does reserve the right to not work with any person who is currently or becomes violent and/or not stable enough to work or will not take instruction from Questwell staff.

​​Questwell​®  is committed to helping individuals with a disability obtain the best job possible, that fits their abilities and for them to be accepted at work as a competent worker. Also, Questwell​® educates the employer to the fact that a person with a 'can do Attitude' does the job well, regardless if the person has a disability and they should be given a chance to prove they are the best choice for the job.

Support Services provided to Individuals with Disabilities

  • Career Counseling

  • Job Coaching

  • Job Placement

  • Job Search Skills Training (JSST)

  • Assessment of Wage Earning Capacity with a detailed time study

  • Job site evaluation

  • Gamification strategies to help  stop negative self talk, disclosing  too much personal information at  work, identifying and observing  personal space at work  and building Self-esteem through working

  • Perform On-Site Job Analysis regarding how to help worker work  better, safer and faster

  • Personal adjustment evaluation with time management strategies

  • Job Life Coaching

  • ​Mentorship, Supported Community Connector and Community Connector are used to work on social skills, because these are important factors to retain employment. 

  • Soft Skills training (communicate better at work, teamwork, time management etc.)


  • Job Retention