Everyone is happier with a Job that Fits!

 If your company is interested in disability awareness training and/or how Questwell can customize a proactive initiative for your company to work well with persons who have a disability call,  

Rebecca Macaruso (719) 246-1893​ or email Rebecca@Questwell.us

     QUESTWELL ® was created with a new concept of 

      how to approach obtaining employment that

      fits the  Job Seeker and the Employer

       To fit the needs of both the employer and the job seeker the   

       Questwell ® employment program has two parts.

      1st half foci on the job seeker's abilities, what employment they find 

      interesting & fulling, and finding a job where they can work the 

      hours/schedule they can work and still get to do other things they

      enjoy doing in life. 

      2nd part foci​ on fulling the employer's need for a capable, reliable, 

      honest employee, introduce to the employer a pre-trained employee 

      prospect and a candidate pre-screen to fits the company's culture.​​

Questwell is now offering to set-up Employment Programs for Colorado "Program Approved Service Agencies" (PASA)​  Questwell wants more people to receive quality successful employment services.  If your company is a PASA and has experience working with people who have a disability in an adult day program or residential program we can help you set-up a successful, profitable employment program.

Or if you already have an employment  program that is not profitable we can do an Industrial  Organizational Review on your current program.  We can give you step by step guidelines of how to improve your current program to make it more successful.

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