• Reduce Training Costs
  • Retain Good Employees
  • See the new hires Character before they're hired
  • Reduce Recruitment Costs
  • Be able to hire Pre-trained employees
  • News Reports will produce Positive Public Relations


  • Quality Company employee representation to the Customer (due to better trained and character screened employee)
  • Community Connection with the Customer (Customer feels a part of Your Company family and vice versa)
  • Deeper Customer Loyalty (due to the family connection feeling)
  • Customer sees and truly feels Your Company cares
  • Overall results are better public relations and Customer trusts that Your Company is vested in CSR


Partner with Questwell® to see all the above points happen for Your Company.

Email Rebecca Macaruso to get started with a CSR Program to help the Disabled Be Employed.

Focusing Your Company's CSR Plan to hire a Questwell® pre-trained person with a disability will affect the largest group in poverty and largest group unemployed.

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The most




the Best CSR

Questwell® is a team of experts that assist persons who have a disability with employment.

By doing what we do we have learned a lot about how to help people who have a disability learn their job tasks and how to be good reliable employees.  How does this fit into CSR? We have found a way to pre-train people who have a disability to work for you without any cost to your company. During the pre-training process, we are able to help the person learn better soft skills like, manage their transportation to work, work schedule planning skills and workplace etiquette. Partner with Questwell® and we can help your Corporate Social Responsibility Public Image within the community.  Your company image will be one of caring about people who have a disability and you will also obtain a very good employee! There is no downside to partnering with Questwell®.

    Below is what you can expect when partnering with Questwell® for Your CSR                  Program to Help People who have Disabilities Be Employed:

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  • Clearly understands all the job tasks before hired
  • Happy Employee = Less Turnover & Grateful for the job
  • Feels Connected to Your Company's Culture 
  • Well Trained and Capable of all the job tasks before hired
  • Confident and Proud to do the job well
  • Better soft skills and more responsible


​  Re: Your Company's ​Public Image

  The people representing your organization...

  Are as important or maybe more important to the        consumer than the service or product your                      company sells.

  Rebecca Macaruso, Owner of Questwell

                                                     What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?   


   The University of Edinburgh states on their website (1)  the following: 

   "CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking  account of their social, economic       and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights. It can involve a range of activities such as:

    Working in partnership with local communities
    Socially responsible investment (SRI)
    Developing relationships with employees and customers
    Environmental protection and sustainability

    Some businesses have as their main purpose the fulfillment of social or environmental goals, as opposed to a business that tries to              achieve its financial goals while minimizing any negative impact on society or the environment. These businesses are called Social                  Enterprises.

   Why is it important to organizations?

   There have been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more         open about their activities and to reach, and maintain, acceptable standards in their business practice. For                           employers, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand                       awareness and build trust with customers and employees."

    (1) website