Want to get outside and explore the outdoors?

 Questwell is now providing Mentorship, Supported Community Connector and Community Connector to help people with social skills because these are important skills to help retain employment. 

Rebecca and Quint like to hike and explore the outdoors.  We would like to share our enjoyment of the outdoors with you. 

 We are inviting persons who have a disability and their friends and families to join us for short hikes we do around town throughout the week.  This is not a drop off day program, we are just inviting you to join us when we hike around town throughout the day. You do not need to be a client of Questwell to hike with us. Due to we fit these hikes in where we can throughout the day, we must start on time and leave immediately afterward to get back to work.

If you are interested in hiking outdoors in a group with us and want to know where we will be, email Rebecca at:  1stQuestwell@gmail.com

NOTE:  When you email, let me know if you need a hike that is on a bus route. Some walks are fast paced; some are not fast pace so we can explore the world around us. When you email me let me know how fast you want to walk and I will email you the walks that fit you best.