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disability, employment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Hire disabled vet

Notice the two photos of clouds above,they are both photos of clouds but they are very different. Also, every person is very different; they may be the same age, live in the same town etc. but they differ greatly.  Everyone is unique, their skills, their priorities, their life experiences and their perspective view of the world is unique to them.  Questwell's approach is to customize each class to the uniqueness of each individual within the group, mentoring each of the 3 individuals within the group using their learning style. Learning groups are small with only 3 -7 individuals in a group. We do group activities that teach advocacy, how to talk to an employer, social skills and workplace etiquette.  Our approach is to use games to solidify learn and mentoring techniques. Our goal is to encourage each participant to explore who they dream to be. How they can fit into the working world and how to map the path to get them to where they want to be; all while fitting into the realistic labor market demands.

 Questwell's Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) are taught in a virtual classroom setting  (2 topics in each 2-hour class; all classes are taught via interactive games):

The Mindful Manners and Online Safety   is the first class all participants do before an other classes.  This class teaches online etiquette to participants. The class will include but not limited to camera positioning/ lighting, (important to know for a future online interview) what to do if you have problems getting into the online meeting. How to signal the teacher you lost sound or video. Do not walk around with your camera and many more how to’s for an online meeting. This class is also given a resource to have and refer to after the training “How to be safer while online”.

Transportation & Safety- ways to get to work and safe practices while traveling.  The importance of good time management skills so you will be on time to work.

 Workplace & Social Etiquette:
On and off the Clock Conflict resolution, boundaries, socialization and what is not appropriate to text, say or do. **This course covers ramifications of sexting. If client is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a consent form.**

Self-advocacy & Independence How to be ready at home before you go to work (clean clothing, not wrinkled etc.). Setting your own schedule for the day to get yourself ready for work. How to achieve independence while practicing good time management skills. Self-advocacy for time off work, standing up for your wants and needs without sounding spoiled, bossy or pushy. 

Continuing Education & Opportunities-
After high school options-Internships/ Trade schools /College/ Achievement Certificates. Identifying what is important to you about working: specific times? Specific days? Proximity to the job? High pay? 

Career Exploration & Informational Interviewing
Questions to be answered and activities to learn about themselves: How to choose a career that fits me? Free Assessments I can take to evaluate my interests and natural ability. How to set-up an informational Interview and what to ask?

disability, employment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Hire disabled vet

Pre-Employment Transition Services

(Pre-ETS)  For people between the ages of 16 to 21

NOTE: Learning groups consist of  a minimum of 3 individuals registered

for the class or that scheduled class will be canceled. Also, we keep classes small, no more than 7 in a class.