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Notice the two photos of clouds above,they are both photos of clouds but they are very different. Also, every person is very different; they may be the same age, live in the same town etc. but they differ greatly.  Everyone is unique, their skills, their priorities, their life experiences and their perspective view of the world is unique to them.  Questwell's approach is to customize each class to the uniqueness of each individual within the group, mentoring each of the 3 individuals within the group using their learning style. Learning groups are small with only 3 -7 individuals in a group. We do group activities that teach advocacy, how to talk to an employer, social skills and workplace etiquette.  Questwell uses the terms Mentor and Mentee.  Not job coach or teacher, but being a Mentor and not student or client but Mentee.  Our approach is to use Mentoring techniques to promote individualized learning and helping the Mentee explore who they dream to be and how they can fit into the working world and the path they need to proceed to them get to where they want to be; all while fitting into the realistic labor market demands.

DVR case services work in conjunction with the school’s transition services for students with disabilities and are based on individual need. With this in mind any paid work opportunities for students must be in a competitive and integrated setting. Internships, unpaid work experiences, job shadowing and volunteer experiences must also be in an integrated setting. Questwell set-ups all these services for person in the PreETS program through DVR. (DVR must issue authorization before any service can be provided to for the student.)

Description of the Pre-Employment Transition Services Questwell provides (Pre-ETS):

Tech-Savvy=Independence - Learn how to do the newly expected online interviews and how to look and present professional in front of the camera. Info Link

Job Exploration Counseling - explore the world of work, explore interests and abilities, work with a job mentor, shadow a job or career, investigate careers, etc.

Work-based learning experiences –
 get valuable work experience through paid or unpaid work, volunteer, complete an internship or begin the steps of an apprenticeship. Questwell arranges all of these experiences.

Counseling on opportunities for enrollment in post-secondary education (college, college of technology, trade education, job corps, professional certification, etc.) - for those students seeking further education after high school, this may include investigating career paths, referrals to college resources and Questwell arranges campus visits to all places the student is interested in attending.

Work Place Readiness - these are services to help you get ready for the challenges of work.  This may include hands-on-training in soft skills, customer service, work place communication as well as peer mentoring, independent living skills, accessing transportation training program: "Getting TO Work" and self-advocacy.

Instruction in Self Advocacy – Live the life you want. These are services to help you understand more about yourself and how to interact with the world. 

Questwell provides the above services all through hands-on-interaction learn, we mentor the student in the community by attending at career fairs and job fairs with the student teaching them how to get the most out of a job fair. Questwell organizes hands on discovery skills workshops. Questwell sets up guided tours of work sites for the student to watching and learning what employees do even behind the scenes, beyond what you see at the front of the business. Best of all every activity is customized to the student’s interests with in the group.  

disability, employment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Hire disabled vet

Pre-Employment Transition Services

(Pre-ETS)  For people between the ages of 16 to 21

NOTE: Learning groups consist of  a minimum of 3 individuals registered

for the class or that scheduled class will be canceled. Also, we keep classes small, no more than 7 in a class.