Questwell Oklahoma Employment Consultants


University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings: 

Effective Training at Work, Positive Behavioral Support, Vision Training

Valorie, Associate of Applied Science in Family Studies/ Gerontology

​Valorie has worked with individuals with disabilities since 1996. She is dependable, trustworthy and resourceful.  She has exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to identify problems and implement corrective procedures so those she is helping with employment are successful.   Tulsa, Oklahoma

​University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings: Certified Employment Specialist and Certified Habilitation specialist.​

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​University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings

Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Effective Training at Work,

Positive Behavioral Support, Vision Training

Tina, Associates Degree Human Resources​




​Sally is an intelligent creative problem-solver. Her experience in training and working alongside individuals has given her a knowledge of how different individuals respond to encouragement or criticism. She believes positivity and trust are the ground work for any good working relationship. She works with individuals using a steady and calming voice.      Tulsa, Oklahoma

​Tina Davis is a fun and quirky Lady! She loves to help others learn and have fun while doing so. She has been helping people of all ages most her life in various different ways; from teaching life skills to helping little ones learn their ABCs in Sign Language. Her artistic creativity gives her the ability to come up with unique ways to solve problems.  She is motivated to help others succeed and enjoys watching people blossom. She is also, an avid horse rider/caretaker/trainer.  Tulsa, Oklahoma​