John, BS Behavioral Psychology, MS Counseling

Kat, BS Psychology, MS Counselor Education - Human Services 

John is a kind and caring gentleman; he is able to respond very calmly and professionally during crisis.     Colorado

Fran, BA English Education, MS Adult Education (Professional Development)


We all Love and enjoy the Colorado Mountains!

Arno, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling

All landscape photos on this page were taken in Colorado by Rebecca and Quint Macaruso

Tina, Associates Degree Human Resources


​Abby, Associates of Applied Science


From the moment Abby became a peer tutor in high school for the special education program, she felt passionate about working with people with disabilities. Soon after high school, she became a cognitive skills motor teacher for adults with disabilities. She believes the individuals she worked with taught her more than she taught them because they inspired her.    Colorado

Specialist Trainings: Behavioral Intervention, Trained to help individuals  struggling with anger, anxiety & addiction, Mindfulness therapy, conflict resolution and Autism expert for helping apply proper situational Social Skills 

University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings: Certified Employment Specialist and Certified Habilitation specialist.

Lisa is intuitive and she possesses excellent interpersonal skills. She is passionate about helping others.  Which shows in her choosing to be a CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate for children.        Colorado


APSE Employment First Employment for All

Quint, ACRE Certified for Supported Employment


Quint is great at finding employment and talking to employers.  

He is good at scouting out custom carved jobs that fit a persons ability to work.  He enjoys seeing people be successfully employed.

​Lisa, BA French and Spanish

​Marianna, BA Social Work and Youth Services

Specialty Credentials: Vocational Occupational Instructor,  Education Consultant, Developed and implemented training programs     

 Teaching, mentoring, and coaching all go hand in hand; Marianna has experience doing all of these.  She does them all using the following

three core principles:
* Tailor assistance to individual’s needs
* Adapt the situation to the individual, to help them contribute
* Support the individual toward successfully reaching their goals!
Marianna is excited to work with anyone who has the desire to succeed in life, become an independent person and be a contributing member of our society. 

​Sally is an intelligent creative problem-solver. Her experience in training and working alongside individuals has given her a knowledge of how different individuals respond to encouragement or criticism. She believes positivity and trust are the ground work for any good working relationship. She works with individuals using a steady and calming voice.      Oklahoma




Deborah has decades of experience working with vulnerable populations. She believes everyone can be a contributing and productive member of society. The key to this success is to give people the resources and support they require in areas they need enhanced and identify and highlight the strengths that come naturally to them. Deborah has spent the last ten years assisting people with cognitive disabilities to live as independently and self-sufficiently as they possibly can. Deborah cherishes seeing people’s confidence in themselves grow and watching them experience success.   Colorado

Rebecca Macaruso, BA Psychology, CESP

MS Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, CRC



Why I started Questwell

I believe people are more than their resume; everyone has a story.  Life experiences compile a person, what they know and understand about the world around them forms how they think.  A person with a disability is not their disability. They are a person first. The disability is just something they must deal with in life. I wanted to operate a company that respects all people and their valuable contribution to the world.

University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings: Effective Training at Work, Positive Behavioral Support, Vision Training

Anikka, BS Equine Sciences, CESP

Certified Professional Coach


Anikka thrives on seeing people succeed.  As a Certified Professional Coach she loves recognizing those big smiles when someone is proud of themselves.  Throughout her life she has been blessed with marvelous opportunities to guide, teach, and mentor, as well as lend an empathetic ear to those in need.  Loving people is the pathway to her own success, and she is honored to be able to share that joy with Questwell.  Colorado



Deborah, Ph.D. Social Psychology

University of Oklahoma Employment Specialist Trainings: Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Effective Training at Work, Positive Behavioral Support, Vision Training

Tina Davis is a fun and quirky Lady! She loves to help others learn and have fun while doing so. She has been helping people of all ages most her life in various different ways; from teaching life skills to helping little ones learn their ABCs in Sign Language. Her artistic creativity gives her the ability to come up with unique ways to solve problems.  She is motivated to help others succeed and enjoys watching people blossom. She is also, an avid horse rider/caretaker/trainer. 


Cañon City Manager/JOB COACH/MENTOR

Gretchen has several years of experience working with persons who have a disability. She has coached ladies who have a disability how to use the equipment at Curves in a positive, empowering and safe way.  She is excited to assist people who have a disability with employment due to she feels, "everyone is important and has the ability to be successful if they are given the resources and encouragement they need".      Colorado




​Valorie, Associate of Applied Science in Family Studies/ Gerontology

Kat believes in building others up and supporting them in unlocking their fullest potential. Kat was a job coaching for two years before coming to Colorado working for a non-profit occupational rehabilitation center in Minnesota. Through this experience, as well as her past formal education in psychology and counseling, Kat has developed strong empathy and interpersonal skills. Ultimately, Kat’s motto is: no matter an individual’s culture and/or characteristics, everyone deserves to be treated with respect, kindness, and patience. Kat prides herself in developing and maintaining trust and rapport with those she works; providing personalized services to best meet the needs of each individual.  Colorado

Job Coach/Mentor

Geoff, BA Environmental Geography


Geoff likes helping people, he is very patient, adaptive, responsible, resourceful and a problem-solver all these things make him uniquely able to be a good job coach for Questwell.  Geoff enjoys seeing others learn.  He has been a substitute teacher.  He was in the US Army as a Battle Captain for Information Cell (IQ) of the First Cavalry Division in support of NATO and Operation Joint Forge. He enjoys the outdoors, wildlife and the many great things our state has to offer. 


Rebecca is a Professional 

Member of 

Valorie has worked with individuals with disabilities since 1996. She is dependable, trustworthy and resourceful.  She has exceptional problem solving skills, with the ability to identify problems and implement corrective procedures so those she is helping with employment are successful.   Oklahoma

Job Coach/Mentor

Arno has a lot of experience being a good listener as he was an intern for Recovery Village.  He is very safety conscious from his experience as an EMT/Lieutenant and volunteer firefighter.  Arno has a compassionate heart and a desire to see others succeed.  ​Colorado

Specialist Trainings: Cognitive Coaching Training, Consulting,

Collaborating and Coaching for Professional Excellence, Adaptive

Schools Training (Facilitating and Developing Collaborative Groups) 

Training for

Trainers in Brain Research

​Fran has served as an instructional coach, mentor and trainer for over 30 years.  She is entirely focused on bringing out the best in those she coaches.   Her focus is on developing skills and success using all available resources.    Colorado