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Self-Employment for a person with a Disability  Is self-employment a good match for you or not? 

What Self-Employment has that most jobs do not have

What you need to know before you decide to pursue the Self-Employment path

If you qualify for the DVR self-employment program, QUESTWELL can assist you with the self-employment process at no cost to you. We have experts who understand the self-employment process for a person who has a disability and for a person who has a cognitive disability who wants to pursue 'Supported Employment,' Self-Employment. Questwell would be happy to assist you with DVR's paperwork for Self-Employment or Supported Self-Employment.  Fill out the contact  form for more information. 

Self-Employment is worth the Climb if  you are willing to put in all the time and work it takes to get there.


​First you must have a talent or product you can already do or make for you to be able to be considered for the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR or Colorado DVR) self-employment program.  But the good news is VR (or DVR) does have a self-employment employment option for employment if you meet their criteria for this program. NOTE: You must be able to do 51% of the business for DVR to support you in their self-employment program.                                

For more information go to the DVR web site: 

Resources to look at if you are considering self-employment:




  • While self-employment is far from easy, It's Empowering!

  • While you put in many unpaid hours; you can schedule yourself to not miss important family events. You are your own boss!

  • ​​No co-worker drama or office politics for advancement.

  • You do not have to call in if you are sick. However, you do not get sick pay and if you don’t work the work does not get done.

  • ​​You are in control of your work area so you can set it up the way that helps you be most productive. Crank up whatever music is your favorite!

  • No one else telling you the required dress code, so if you are at home working on the computer all day you can have a PJ work day!

  • When your company grows you pick your employees and You hire who you want to work with!

  • You do everything on your terms, you are up at 11 pm or 5 am you work what fits your body as long as the work gets done. Self-employment is a lifestyle!
  • ​​​Self-Employment takes a lot of prep work and research to just lay the ground work to get funding. 

  • Because of the time it will take you need to consider the first 24 months you will work many hours for little pay...below even minimum wage per hour.

  • Consider the impact of all the time you are focusing on your company will have on your family and time to do other things you enjoy doing.

  • ​Self-employment is a risk; most new businesses fail to make a profit. There are also large up front expenses that are hard to take when you do not have income yet. Can you be comfortable with an unstable income?

  • You may think your idea is wonderful but are others willing to pay you for your product and are they willing to pay you enough you can make a profit?  Can you take this rejection?

  • ​Self-employment can be lonely, it’s just you, no coworkers. Also, you are 100% responsible for everything that happens in the company and with the product. You must be optimistic and unafraid of uncertainty.